Families are struggling to survive, and students are facing more and more barriers to access to education. By creating more debt for students, and cutting vital student services, Doug Ford is putting a generation at risk.
— Carolyn Simon (Social Work Student at Carleton University)
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Students who previously received enough grants to cover the costs of tuition may now have to take on mortgage-sized debts. These changes punish those who cannot afford to pay for their education out of pocket and further marginalize the most marginalized. This is NOT what accessible and affordable education looks like.
— Jensen Williams (Sociology and Public Policy Graduate from the University of Guelph)
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When the government says every student matters and they want to make sure all students have access to education I think that’s admirable but it does not reflect their actions.
— Gaelan Kirby (Civil Engineering Student at Carleton University)
Beware of Doug
I believe that education is the way to create and support innovative solutions to the inequities in our world and the unsustainable practices that we are currently engaged in...I fight for accessible and equitable education because a healthy democracy relies on education opportunities for all and attending post-secondary school should not be determined by your family income.
— Lydia Margaret
Education, especially the free education access we’ve lost represented a chance for people trapped in the cycle of poverty to break the cycle and learn in ways that were previously inaccessible to those with lower incomes. By cutting OSAP grants the Ford government has made a very clear statement; education is only for the privileged and the impoverished masses should stay where they are.
— Morgan Wall
As an international student, I can say that changes like this harm the international image of the Canadian education system. Education is a right and taking it from the people is unworthy of a leader. In a time like that, international students stand side by side with our Ontario peers.
— Aleksei Shkurin