Entrevue de Myriam Villeneuve et Charelle Heon ce matin sur ICI Radio-Canada en tant que bénévoles de RAÉO.


Ce matin, le 20 mars 2019, nous avons été invités à parler avec ICI Radio-Canada Les matins d'ici avec Philippe Marcoux. Myriam Villeneuve et Charelle Heon ont assistées à une entrevue pour l'organisation de RAÉO.

Les deux ont parlées de l'impact négatif que ces changements du gouvernement PC de Doug Ford aura sur les étudiants. Cela comprend la réduction du montant des subventions mises à la disposition des étudiants, l’augmentation de la durée de dépendance des parents à 6 ans en dehors des études post-secondaire, la suppression de la période de grâce de 6 mois sans intérêt pour les prêts aux étudiants ontariens, la réduction de l’éligibilité pour RAFÉO et la l’augmentation des dettes pour les étudiants.

Myriam et Charelle ont mentionnées que RAÉO avait pris des mesures concrètes pour lutter contre ces changements. Nous avons eu des manifestations à Ottawa, organisé une manifestation à l'échelle de la province le 4 février 2019 et agit pour perturber l'Assemblée législative de l'Ontario le 19 février 2019 en dénonçant Doug Ford pour ses attaques contre tous les étudiants de la province.

Vous pouvez écouter notre interview ici!

Avec solidarité,


This morning, on March 20, 2019, we were invited to speak on ICI Radio-Canada Les matins d'ici with Philippe Marcoux. Myriam Villeneuve and Charelle Heon attended the interview on behalf of OSAN.

The two of them spoke about the negative impact these changes by Doug Ford's PC Government will have on students. This includes decreasing the amount of grants made available to students, increasing the parent -dependancy time limit to 6 years out of highschool, removing the 6-month interest-free grace period for Ontario students' loans, reducing elgibility for OSAP, and overall increasing student debt.

Myriam and Charelle mentioned that RAÉO has taken concrete action against these changes. We have three demonstrations in Ottawa, organized a province protest that took place on February 4th 2019, and took action to disrupt the Ontario Legislature on February 19th 2019, calling out Doug Ford for his attacks on all students in the province.

You can listen to our interview here!

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We’ll keep this one short.

Two OSAN members were interviewed on CIUT radio (89.5 FM) earlier this week. Chiita and Susi talked about some of OSAN’s goals, our future development and what makes us different from organizations such as CFS.

We are a Grassroots organization.

We are students and activists, just like you. We believe in direct democracy and full student representation. That means OSAN makes decisions based on consensus of our members, not elected representatives. We have and want to maintain strong connections to the student community.

We strive to achieve free and accessible post-secondary education for all.

Education should be free and available to everyone. We have managed this in Canada from kindergarten to secondary school, we can manage this for post-secondary too. Nobody should have to graduate with $30,000 or $50,000 or $100,000 of debt because they are trying to educate themselves. Many countries in Europe, along with some others in the world, have fully funded and (nearly) free post-secondary programs; often administrative fees of $200-$300 USD may be charged. That’s it.

Free post-secondary education is possible and a benefit to society. Don’t let politicians tell you otherwise.

We’re branching out.

OSAN is currently based in Ottawa. We also have a chapter getting started in York. If you would like to join our team and start at chapter of OSAN in your city, get in touch with us!

Be sure to check out our interview on CIUT 89.5 FM!

Here is a link to the podcast online!

Keep on fighting people!


Gaelan Kirby