We are a group of passionate activists and students from across Ontario, working together to improve affordability and accessibility of post-secondary education. Ultimately, our goal is to achieve free post-secondary education for all students.

OSAN organizes with students, activists, and community members across Ontario to fight on behalf of all students

On January 17th, Doug Ford announced changes being made to OSAP that will affect all students receiving financial aid in Ontario. Additionally, a 10% cut on tuition was announced as well. While students appreciate the reduction in tuition, for almost all students receiving financial aid, the cuts to grants and the decrease of loans will far outweigh the 10% tuition cut benefit. Along with eliminating the free tuition grant, the Ford Government is scrapping the 6-month interest-free grace period on the Ontario loan portion, and reducing the number of people eligible for student aid and independent student status; these changes are going to impact almost all students receiving financial aid negatively.

Students overwhelming reject these changes to the financial assistance program, which disproportionately affect the working poor and middle class. Together, with students across Ontario, we will be demonstrating, standing up for ourselves, and demanding that these changes not be implemented.

All Canadians deserve access to high quality, affordable and accessible higher education. We will continue working with students, activists and partners across the province to achieve this goal.




Ottawa: University Centre, Carleton University 1125 Colonel By, Ottawa, K1S5B6

On Feb. 4th 2019, thousands of students across Ontario organized protests, marches and other events in opposition to Doug Ford's announced changes to OSAP and post-secondary education. We documented this protest and interviewed some of the attendees. A Toronto protest is planned for Tuesday Feb. 19 2019 @Yonge-Dundas Square.